Is it possible to origamize spatially twisted form? Like this? Thanks!

With only parallelogram or quadrilateral, instead of triangles?

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It should be possible, the best way to test this is to make the paper version. when you twist the paper version, you should be able to see if the quads are deforming into two triangles i.e. twisting and becoming no-planar. 

Thanks for your reply, by 'paper version', do you mean to make it by hand? Origami as physical model? 

I will try

It is at this moment quite hard to get the paper folded for three times already, since the expanding of the span does not allow the paper to complete the form it self, so, it might be possible if I would divide the four facades into two groups? I will try. as what I have asked on youtube gigabyte chanel about the turning corridor, how to make its connections and so on.

I actually manually made the form by dividing the folds, say each unit into four parts and attached to the form, altough it seems a bit cheating....anyway...trying

Thanks again!

Good luck with it!!!

Well, This is my latest try out, I moved one edge of the paper so that the whole form could be twisted as an accordion. But it should be different since accordion is connected by soft cloth, while I want each unit in this structure to be stable, strong, and sharp. Could there be a easier way to build the digital model?



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