Hi Tomohiro,

Thank you so much  for all your help so far!

I am working from Grasshopper3D to generate a large origami installation made of folded hypar components attached at the edge (as described in this discussion, on file attached and image below).

Since there are many components (100 of them) I was wondering if there would be a faster way to unfold all the components at once and/or assign mountain/valley and stitch vertices from Grasshopper or Rhino directly instead of doing each component one at a time?

Alternatively, is there any way to speed up the process on Freeform origami directly?

Many thanks,



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Hi Arthur,

-You can import joined mesh in obj to Freeform Origami. (You can chose to weld the vertices at this time, but this time I think you don't want it to  be welded.)

-Mountain and Valley can be automatically assigned by Model->Auto MV

-You can Select->Select Boundary and then Model->Pin Selected to pin boundary vertices on 3D space.

-Or you can import "reference points" in xyz format for the vertex positions and apply Model->Stitch Verts, then you get vertices and reference points on top of each other to be stitched together.

Hi Tomihiro,

Thank you very much for your helpful advice. I have tried using `Auto MV` but it breaks the unfolded pattern if I use the tool before system>develop or if I use `Auto MV` after system>develop the valleys and mountains are not correctly assigned.

Please see below what happens in the different cases (image link and obj file attached). 


Hi Tomohiro, 

Sorry to add another question, I tried to use system>develop to unfold multiple components at once and when exporting the crease pattern as dxf, it only exported one crease pattern not all of them (image below). Is it not possible to generate all the crease patterns at once? It would save me a lot of time! :)

Many thanks,


Hello Tomohiro,

I'm also using Free form origami on a project made of a lot of origami pieces and I have a similar problem: If I import multiple objects, unfold them all at once, and then export them, it only exports one pattern.

Do you know why?

Is it possible to have a batch process to unfold them and export them all at once?

Thank you very much for your help,


Multiple crease patterns are not yet supported. I might include that in the next version.

Current suggestion: since the forms are developablized, you can export them to obj. You can convert the mesh into polysurfaces in Rhino and unroll them.

Don't forget to stitch vertices of non-welded surfaces or to pin boundary vertices to keep the consistency with neighbor modules.



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