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Curved folded aluminum

For the past few month I’ve been Artist in Residence at RoboFold. I will be showing my curved folded works in…


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Appended Space

Appended Space from Sam Rosen on Vimeo.

In Collaboration with Andrew Gardner & Eric Hull

PennDesign _ Spring 2014 _ Independent Study with Mohamad Al Khayer

The work set out to investigate five main goals: Scalability of system, asymmetric…


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Single DOF Actuated Rigid Plates


In Collaboration with Andrew Gardner, Ming-Chang Liu and Sam Rosen

This work is an exploration in rigid, folding, plate structures. The project investigates modes of constructing…


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The Edge: Michele Calvano and the Architecture of Folded Surfaces on the Novedge blog

Check out this great interview with Michele Calvano on his work researching folding. And this book (Italian): …


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Curved Fold Flickr Group

SO many photos of some really amazing work on this page:

I really like these photos in the group:…


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Grasshopper/Kangaroo Folding definition

Dan Piker has just released a new folding definition to go with his latest release of Kangaroo, the popular physics engine for Rhino's Grasshopper platform.…


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Tex-Fab SKIN Digital Fabrication Competition

3xLP by Christopher Romano and Nicholas Bruscia has been announced as the winner of SKIN, the international digital fabrication competition from the TEX-FAB Digital Fabrication Alliance. The competition began with 68 entries from 14 countries from which …


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Origami: My dynamic surface!

Click here to see more.....…


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iPhone 3D scanner

Just saw this scanner app - quite low res with no lens correction so far. But it is getting updated regularly, just got export (for £4.99...)



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Industrial Origami car concepts

Some interesting investigations into structural and aesthetic use of straight and curved folding in a commercial context (cars appear around the 20 minute mark):

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I have many books about geometric construction.

A few years ago in one of them, I found a paragraph about the K-dron patented by Kapitza. I studied the form and created a 2-D pattern for it.


Then I printed a bunch of them on construction paper. I asked my students to build them. We glued the best ones next to each other on a piece of cardboard.Then depending on the angle of a direct light we could see rhombuses or triangles or parallelograms. It was quite intriguing.…


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Autodesk University: Labs photogrammetry

Just in a class using Photo Scene Editor at Autodesk University - new photogrammetry software - basically it stitches your photos on their servers to create a 3D model. I tried this before the class... not sure if I'm going to learn anything new. What I wanted to learn was how export this as a mesh, which doesn't seem to be enabled in the download. Will update soon on this feature...

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Internship at RoboFold

RoboFold is now offering an internship:

Applications now open. Applications close end October 2010.

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RoboFold update

Just managed to update the RoboFold blog with a few new entries... workshops, new studio, conference dates, etc...

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Ning 4 Ever

Quick Update: I have renewed the Ning subscription, which some people had mentioned was moving from free to paid - so we can stay with Curved Folding on Ning... Ning is the choice of the Grasshopper network, and various other Rhino related networks - so a good choice for us here too. It also makes it easy to manage workshops and other group activities - so feel free to set up your own groups, use the forum or upload pictures and videos. See you soon, Greg.

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DK's Micro Factory

we all need one of these on our desktop... Micro Factory by RCA graduate DK Ahn

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cloth and sheet simulation


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Thanks John - Ning will announce their pricing plans on the 4th May. (The site is a paid site anyway). I will try and maintain this site as-is rather than port to another platform, but this is an option. Will keep everyone updated via the forum...Greg

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Ning will not be free

I'm not sure if you are aware - Ning announced on 16 April its intention to phase out it's

free service starting in May. See:


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